Luxurious Skin Care Produced Using A Groundbreaking Method

By using an ultra-high pressure maturation process※2 for the whole product※1, it maintains its original composition and ensures a low molecular weight. This process enables it to penetrate the skin surface.

These five natural extracts※3 prevent melanin from forming and help to prevent age spots and freckles.
Continuous usage will ensure resilient and glowing skin.

※1 Combining the most advanced technologies for the entire product, including botanical components, gold leaf, placenta and deep sea water.

※2 The pressure of 100 MPa (approx.1000 times more than that of the ground) matures the raw materials within the cosmetics and facilitates optimal skin absorption.

※3 Fermented rice extract, agar weed extract, Paeonia root extract, Ginkgo biloba extract and Morus alba root extract.

Power of gold and placenta to your skin

~ Power of gold ~

Contains a generous amount of highly pure edible gold leaf produced in Kanazawa.
High source of antioxidants.
Beauty treatments with ion facilitate more optimal skin absorption.

~ Power of Deep Sea Water ~

A blessing from the sea, the source of life will hydrate the skin.
The deep sea water is pumped up from a depth of 612 m off the shore of Kumejima island in Okinawa where beautiful coral spreads.
The deep sea water is pumped through the pipeline directly connected to the research center without being exposed to the outside air and contains minimal bacteria and is rich in minerals.

~ Power of placenta ~

Enriched with amino acids, placenta normalizes the metabolism and is effective for anti-aging and whitening.



This high quality extra virgin argan oil, imported directly from Morocco, has undergone pressure levels equivalent to those found at an ocean depth of 10,000 meters and ensures optimal skin absorption for soft, hydrated skin which is silky smooth to the touch. Enriched with Vitamin E, moisturizing and hydrating organic argan oil protects the skin from dryness. Recommended for anti-aging skin care. A generous amount of 100 % organic oil can be applied, not only to the face but also, to the neck, upper chest, shoulders as well as the hair.

Optimal Skin Absorption

By using an ultra-high pressure maturation process that applies pressure levels equivalent to those found at an ocean depth of 10,000 meters,
the contact angle of the oil becomes smaller and it hydrates and penetrates deep into the skin.
This also helps the nutrients maintain their original composition when exposed to heat or oxidation.

If the contact angle is larger
difficult to penetrate the skin

If the contact angle is smaller
easy to penetrate the skin

  • Indication Géographique Protégée

    International Organic Certification Organization in France “IGP Organic Certificate”
    Indication Géographique Protégée (IGP)/
    Protected Geographical Indication (PIG)

    This quality assurance certificate certifies high quality foods produced only in a specific area by following traditional methods in accordance with independent regulations set by the EU.

  • Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione

    Institution Accredited by The Ministry of Agriculture And Forestry “Organic Farmers Certificate”

    Established in Italy in 1995, it is an institution accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and that certifies organic farmers.

  • ECOCERT Accreditation

    Recognized as the world standard of organic certification bodies. It strictly enforces the management and monitoring of resources during the manufacturing process from cultivation to final product, including any additives used. It is a certificate of organic food approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in France.

  • Cofrac Accreditation

    It is a certificate issued by the public inspection authority that certifies, manages,verifies the inspection and approval of raw materials and their places of production in France.